Others (e.g. Nuclear research related technology)

  • Solar thermal energy
  • Nano-particle behavior・Micro flow
  • Bioreactor using a Taylor-Couette flow
  • Dry eye

Solar thermal energy

CSP (Concentrating solar power) is one of the electricity generation systems with no CO2 emission. Mirrors reflect the solar radiation to receivers and the receivers convert it to heat. Finally, by using turbine heat is converted to electricity same as the thermal power plant and nuclear power plant. This system can stock the heat in molten salt and can generate electricity at night. We plan to operate this system widely in deserts because of this advantage. We research about Cross Linear type of concentration. There were some problems with lower efficiency in high latitude area and winter season. But our novel system can keep high efficiency in spite of these conditions. And this system achieves lower space and cost because of the simple construction. We are thinking about applying our technology of measurement and nuclear safety for CSP plant, and aim to get higher performance.

Nano-particle behavior・Micro flow

Under Construction

Bioreactor using a Taylor-Couette flow

In their natural environment, the structure and functioning of microbial communities from river phototrophic biofilms are driven by biotic and abiotic factors. An understanding of the mechanisms that mediate the community structure, its dynamics and the biological succession processes during phototrophic biofilm development can be gained using laboratory-scale systems operating with controlled parameters. Anyway, this bioreactor has a problem, how we can solve the problems such as not to damage the cell, uniform, needing special catalyst in order to get appropriate agitation, etc. Therefore, this laboratory collaborate with Muroran Institute of Fluid Engineering Technology has been developed a Bioreactor using Taylor-Couette flow.

Dry eye

In recent years, our modern lifestyle makes us prone to physical degenerative disease. Some objects in around us such as personal computer, TV, and air conditioning have potentially to damage our eyes. Dry eye syndrome is one of the symptoms which is caused by those objects. Dry eye is a multifactorial disease, with two major recognized forms: one is characterized by a reduction of tear production, and the other is characterized by tear hyperosmolarity, mainly due to excessive evaporative water loss. Therefore, the dynamic observation of the tear is an important issue in order to diagnose, treatment, and prevention. Medical research on tear disease such as dry eye has been performed by many researchers. However, the dynamic of tear is not yet fully understood. In this laboratory, by applying medical engineering image processing measurement, studying the mechanism of the blink and tear flow is needed to observe.