Nuclear safety research

  • Nuclear Safety Severe Accident
  • Accident management
  • Sensing Melt Debris
  • Long-term safety of high-level radioactive waste

Nuclear Safety Severe Accident

In nuclear safety research, to clear the behavior of the nuclear power plant in the case of the severe accident is one of the most important themes. This research is in order to prospect phenomena, based on the initial condition on the severe accident. By combining this research with the accident management, the safety of nuclear power plants is able to be advanced.

Accident management

After clearing phenomena by the severe accident, the management to handle the phenomena will be required. The accident management is the system that examines which operation is able to minimize the accident in each situation. In this laboratory, the solution that is applicable and effective for conventional nuclear power plant is proposed, and we plan to make use of existent nuclear power plants safely. In addition, the development of the accident management is one of our themes.

Sensing Melt Debris

In the case of the core meltdown accident, measurement of the configuration of the core is required before cleaning up the core. Applying the ultrasonic fluid measurement technique, technique to measure the distribution and shapes of debris in the core with accuracy is developed.

Long-term safety of high-level radioactive waste

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