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The international workshop on nuclear physics for astrophysical phenomena

23rd-25th of October, 2019

EEI (N3) building, First Floor, Multipurpose Hall in Ookayama campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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Astrophysical phenomena are very useful sites for nuclear physics to examine various nuclear models. In this workshop, we focus on nuclear physics relating to astrophysical phenomena such as neutron star mergers and supernovae to study nuclear fission. Among many topics, nuclear fission in nucleosynthesis have been drawing increasing attention again, since neutron star mergers was observed using from radio to gamma-ray wavelengths and with gravitational waves, though the idea of fission cycle in r-process has long history. The purpose of this workshop is to share latest research activities on nuclear physics relating to nucleosynthesis, and to provide an opportunity to discuss what gives the biggest impact on fission recycling process in r-process nucleosynthesis. For precise evaluation of the contribution of nuclear fission in r-process nucleosynthesis, we should investigate the nuclear properties of neutron-rich nuclei and superheavy elements (SHE) in addition to development of nuclear fission models including level densities and nuclear structures.
The key topics of this workshop is as follows.
  • Nuclear fission fragment mass distribution (FFMD)
  • Total kinetic energy (TKE) of fission fragments
  • Nuclear structure of superheavy elements
  • Mass formula
  • Decay heat
  • Nuclear Equation of State of nuclear matter
  • Impact of quantum effects in nucleosynthesis

Invited Speakers

  • Sven Aaberg (Lund Univ., Sweden)
  • Matthew Mumpower (LANL, US)
  • Stephane Goriely (ULB, Belgium)
  • Hiroyuki Koura (JAEA, Japan)
  • Gabriel Martinez Pinedo (TUD, Germany)
  • Jorgen Randrup (LBNL, US)
  • Yuichiro Sekiguchi (Toho Univ., Japan)
  • Shinya Wanajo (AEI, Germany)
  • Tadashi Yoshida (Tokyo Tech., Japan)
  • Hajime Togashi (Kyushu Univ., Japan)
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  • Organizers

    C. Ishizuka (Chair), S. Chiba, K. Tsubakihara, H. Koura, S. Wanajo, Y. Sekiguchi

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Hosted by

Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy, Institute of Innovative Research,
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Supported by

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)