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COE-INES Research Assistant (RA) Application for FY 2005
Term: Fiscal Year 2005
Doctor Course students in Department of Nuclear Engineering/Department of Energy Sciences, with study related to COE-INES’s research subject, “Energy and Sustainable Development.” For more information on COE-INES’s research activities, please visit:
Main task :
Since RA will be part of the thorough examination upon evaluation of cost performance of COE activities, we ask all RAs to assure the following:
(1) Submission of a Research Plan based on Application Requirements for Grants-in-Aid Programs (incubation research).
These Research Plans (not including Budget Plans) will undergo examination by COE-INES to determine acceptability and reward fee.
(2) Presentation of research results. All RAs have to make a presentation of their research results based on the above topic.
(3) Presentation in COE-INES hosted international symposium.
You are to make oral or poster presentation in one of the following symposiums scheduled to be held in: USA (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Russia (Obninsk State Technical University for Nuclear Power Engineering) or Indonesia (Yogyakarta).
(4) Completion of the COE-INES Captainship Educational Program.
(5) Participation and working as executive staff for COE-INES events such as COE-INES Workshops and Seminars, etc.
(6) Submission of a “COE-INES RA FY 2005 Achievement Report” at the end of the Fiscal Year. (Deadline Mar.17, 2006)
Work Hours: Up to 30 hours/week. Depends on the actual employed number of RAs.
Reward: Please note that we introduce a new system from FY 2005 and it is different from the previous years.
COE-INES will determine the amount of the reward fees through examination.
Note: Students involved in other scholarship/fellowship programs cannot apply.
Ex.) CANNOT be applied together: JSPS Special Researcher, Foreign Government Student Scholarship
CAN be applied together: Domestic Scholarship Programs
Task Term: Scheduled June 2005-March 17, 2006
Application Deadline: May 13, 2005 5pm
Application: Please apply via email to Ms. Sakai ( with the below information:
Name, Name of Department, Grade, Student ID number, Month/Year of Admission, Name of Academic Advisor, Research Topic, Research Plan based on Application Requirements for Grants-in-Aid Programs (please use format shown below) (incubation-1: Research Leader and Research Topic; incubation 2: Research Objective; incubation 3: Research Plan (Plan for FY 2005), Any scholarship/fellowship program in case you are involved in any, and
contact info (TEL, E-mail, Home Address, Home TEL, Mobile number)
Application Form: [92KB]
Contact: For further questions or inquiries, please contact:
Professor Yamano (Ext. 2966)

Guidance of The COE-INES Captainship Education Program
An explanation of the new COE-INES education program entitled "COE-INES Nuclear Captainship Practice course" for doctor course students will be held as follows:
Date: April 27, 2005 13:20PM-14:50PM
RLNR N-2 Building Lecture room (5th floor)
Professor Yano (ex. 3380)
Notice: The COE-INES RA must take at least one of the COE-INES Captainship Education Programs.
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