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IAEA Interns from COE-INES met Director General Elbaradei
COE-INES dispatches doctoral course students employed as research assistants (RAs) to overseas organization including IAEA every year as a part of the COE-INES Captainship Education Program. In FY2007, COE-INES sent two RA students to IAEA as 11 weeks intern. They have been building up their experience through working in international organization. Recently, they met IAEA Director General Mohamed Elbaradei, Nobelist for Peace. Four Tokyo Tech students including COE-INES RAs are working as the IAEA interns in this year.
Tokyo Tech Open Campus Festival: Exhibition of COE-INES and Demonstration of Nuclear Education Games
27-28th October 2007 at The Centennial Hall/Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors, North-1 bldg., Tokyo Institute of Technology

COE Exhibition was held at the lobby of The Centennial Hall in the period of Tokyo Tech Open Campus Festival. Panels of COE-INES were placed on public display as one of COE programs in Tokyo Tech. Nuclear Education Games developed by doctoral course students of COE-INES in cooperation with doctoral course students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were demonstrated to public. Beyond 300 guests of men and women of all ages enjoyed the Nuclear Education Games.

Publication of Textbook: Nuclear Reactor Theory

A textbook for Innovative Nuclear Reactor entitled "Nuclear Reactor Theory" (in English) is published by COE-INES. A free download is available from here ==> Download [1.3MB]
The book is also available without charge if you inquire through e-mail including your name, affiliation, postal address, e-mail, phone and fax numbers to
Please note that number is limited.

A4, 105pages ISBN978-4-903054-11-7 C3058
The 2nd Tokyo Tech-MIT Symposium on Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems

“The 2nd Tokyo Tech-MIT Symposium on Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems” (TM-INES 2) was jointly held by COE-INES, CRINES (Tokyo Tech) and the Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES) of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at Kamakura and Tokyo Tech on July 23-25, 2007, with a student workshop at Tokyo Tech on July 19-20.
The technical session in the symposium was held with 70 participants including 13 persons of MIT guests and 26 oral presentations at KKR Kamakura Wakamiya Hotel, Kamakura, on July 23-24. The MIT guests were acclaimed to Tokyo Tech on July 25. The courtesy visit of Prof. Kazimi (CANES, MIT) to Prof. Aizawa, the President of Tokyo Tech, RLNR laboratory tour for MIT guests, a student poster session and the special educational session were held on the day. The student workshop for “Nuclear Educational Game Production” was opened for Ph D course students of both Institutes in advance. The games and game concepts prepared by them were brushed-up in the workshop with lectures by Prof. Takaki, Mr. Yamato and Mr. Kimura, game producers of a computer game for public nuclear education distributed by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The brushed-up results were introduced in the special educational session at Tokyo Tech on July 25 as 7 game proposals including 2 games produced by cooperation of both Institutes. Both students especially deepened their warm communication through the workshop event and room-share in the hotel in Kamakura. Sustainable cooperation activity between both Institutes was still expected for development of innovative nuclear energy systems.

Participants of TM-INES 2

Courtesy visit of Prof. Kazimi (MIT) to Prof. Aizawa, President of Tokyo Tech

Collaborative presentation for a game concept with Ph D students of MIT and Tokyo Tech
2nd COE-INES International Symposium, INES-2  

The 2nd COE-INES International Symposium on Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems, INES-2 will be held aiming at summarizing recent research activities relevant to the development of innovative nuclear reactor systems and innovative separation/transmutation systems, radioactive waste, nonproliferation issues, innovative energy systems, innovative materials/processes, and relationship between nuclear and society in succession to INES-1 held in 2004. At the symposium, over 150 presentations including the results of the COE-INES activities for the establishment of international cooperation network and educational missions, and a student-organized program are scheduled to enhance mutual understanding among participants. Everyone can join the symposium through on-line registration of the conference web page at:

DVD video introducing COE-INES is released

DVD video introducing the researches and educational activities of COE-INES, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japanese/English)
This DVD video is produced as part of 21st century COE program promoted by Department of Nuclear Engineering and Department of Energy Sciences at Tokyo Institute of Technology to introduce its research on innovative nuclear energy systems and educational activities. It will be a good opportunity for high school students who are planning to enter Tokyo Institute of Technology, university students, and all the other members of society to understand our activities. Please take a look! 

  • Outline (1’27”)    → Download (11MB)
  • Research on Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems (2’18”) → Download (16.6MB)
  • Captainship Education Course (6’53”) → Download (50.8MB)
  • Research on Relationship between Nuclear Energy and Society (6’03”)
                                 → Download (46.2MB)
    You will receive this DVD video if you email your name, affiliation, postal address, e-mail, phone and fax number to the address of
    Please note that number is limited.
MIT-Tokyo Tech Symposium on Innovative Nuclear Energy System

MIT-Tokyo Tech Symposium on Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems” was jointly held by the Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES) of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and COE-INES at November 2-4, 2005.
Main symposium was held at Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston, in Boston Cambridge, on November 2 and November 4. After the MIT tour on November 3, the poster session and special lecture addressed by Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, General Director, IAEA, Nobel laureate for peace prize, were performed at StataCenter in MIT campus.
The total number of participants is 87. On behalf of Japanese delegation, 16 researchers (H. Sekimoto COE-Leader, 8 professors of Tokyo Institute of Technology, 5 Ph.D. candidate students, 2 company employees) participated in the symposium. From the UnitedState side, MIT, USDepartment of Energy (DOE), Idaho National Engineering & Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) presented.
Regarding innovative nuclear energy systems, we deepned research exchanges with MIT in this symposium and accomplished for a further development of international collaboration.
For more information, please access MIT web site.

Symposium participants(in front of the conference hotel,along Charles river)

Symposium coleader: Prof. M. Kazimi, CANES, MIT and Prof. H. Sekimoto,COE-INES Leader

Announcement of the special lecture by Dr.ElBaradei,General Director,IAEA
OINPE-Tokyo Tech COE-INES, The 1st Workshop for Russia-Japan International Research Cooperation and Nuclear Education toward Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems

The joint workshop of COE-INES and OINPE “OINPE-Tokyo Tech COE-INES, The 1st Workshop for Russia-Japan International Research Cooperation and Nuclear Education toward Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems” was held on October 28, 2005. The progress of this workshop was reported simultaneously through Internet to the Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors, O-okayama campus, Tokyo Institute of Techlogy, and we had valuable exchange of opinions.
At October 24 to 27, COE-INES team also attended “The 9th International Conference, Nuclear Power Safety and Nuclear Education” in Obninsk, and made presentations of our research results.

COE-INES Participants of OINPE-Tokyo Tech COE-INES joint workshop

COE-INES Participants of OINPE-Tokyo Tech COE-INES joint workshop

Participants of COE-INES-OINPE joint workshop (Obninsk, Russia)
Investigation of Innovative Nuclear Energy System Development in Argentina
An investigation of innovative nuclear energy system development in Argentina was performed by Prof. Toru Obara, who was in charge of foreign affairs, and Prof. Hiroshi Akatsuka, who was a sub-chief for education promotion activity, from March 14 to March 18, 2005. In the investigation, they visited Nuclear Energy Commission in Argentina (CNEA) and exchanged information about nuclear energy development in both countries. Furthermore they visited Dr. Prof. Jose Abriata, President of CNEA and discussed about future collaboration activities between COE-INES and CNEA. In addition to that, they visited nulcear research institutions in Argentia and investigated their research activities. Especially in Balseiro Institute, they investigated an innovative small nuclear reactor CAREM development project, which was in progress in Argentia, and discussed about future collaboration activities.

Courtesy visit to the rector of Bandung Institute of Technology
Prof. Hiroshi Sekimoto, COE-INES leader and other COE-INES members paid courtesy visit to Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Santoso, Rector of Bandung Institute of Technology on March 4, 2005. In the meeting, Prof. Sekimoto expressed their gratitude to the cooperation for the symposium. It is confirmed that the two continue to keep close collaborative relationship by setting Prof. Toru Obara as a COE-INES side contact person and Prof. Zaki Su’ud as a Bandung Institute of Technology side contact person. Based on this, a memorandum was singed by Prof. Obara and Prof. Zaki Su’ud about collaboration activity between the two in 2005, which includes to promote to hold Tele-Conferences between them.

Tokyo Tech COE-INES – Indonesia International Symposium was held
The symposium organized by Tokyo Tech COE-INES, Bandung Institute of Technology, and BATAN was held on March 2-4, 2005 at Gland Aquila Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia with 64 participants (21 participants from Japanese side (including 12 graduate students in Tokyo Tech) and 43 participants from Indonesian side). After the opening speeches by Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Santoso, Rector, Bandung Institute of Technology and Prof. Hiroshi Sekimoto, COE-INES, there were five invited speeches by Prof. Hiroshi Sekimoto, COE-INES, Dr. Soedyartomo Soentono, Director General, BATAN, Dr. Takahiko Mukaiyama, JAIF, Prof. Dr. Azhar Djaloeis, Director General, BAPETEN, and Dr. Hudi Hastowo, Deputy Director General, BATAN, there were 40 technical presentations. At the last of the symposium, a panel discussion with students was held for the topics of “Education in Nuclear Field” and “Attractiveness of Job in Nuclear Field”. Presentations and discussions were made in the wide scope of the field, including Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems, Nuclear Policy, Nuclear Regulation, and Energy in Indonesia.

COE-INES signed a memorandum for international collaboration with OINPE, Russia
A memorandum for international collaboration activity was singed between COE-INES, Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors (RLNR), and Obninsk State Technical University for Nuclear Power Engineering, Russia(OINPE) on February 2, 2005.
The three organizations have agreed the following as international corroboration activities in 2005. 1. Professors and graduate school students in Tokyo Tech will attend on an international symposium by OINPE “The 9th International Conference “Nuclear Power Safety and Nuclear Education” by the support of COE-INES. 2. COE-INES and OINPE will have an international workshop “OINPE -Tokyo Tech COE-INES, The 1st Workshop for Russia-Japan International Research Cooperation and Nuclear Education toward Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems”. 3. RLNR cooperates on the above international collaboration based on the agreement for cooperation between RLNR and OINPE.

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