COE-INES1 International Symposium INES-1
Oral presentation materials
Monday, Nov 1st  
Opening Session/
Plenary Session 1
The 21st Century COE Program "Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems for Sustainable Development of the World" COE-INES, Hiroshi Sekimoto

Nuclear power for sustainable development and relevant IAEA activities for the future, Akira Omoto (IAEA)

Innovation in the United States Department of Energy Advanced Nuclear Research Programs, C.Savage (DOE)

For the 21st Century: Enhanced Nuclear Energy Economy and Safety, Mujid S. Kazimi (MIT)

CEA R&D Strategy on 4th Generation Nuclear Systems for a Sustainable Energy Development, Frank Carre (CEA)

OECD/NEA Activities Relating to Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems, Gail H. Marcus (OECD/ NEA)
Parallel Session

Innovative Reactor Concept 1 (System Concept)
New IAEA's Activities for Small and Medium Sized Reactors (SMRs), Vladimir Kuznetsov (IAEA)

Optimum Utilization of Nuclear Fuel with Gas and Vapor Core Reactors, Samim Anghaie (Univ. Florida)
Parallel Session

Innovative Energy Transmutation
Past and Present Research in Europe on the Production of Nuclear Hydrogen with HTGR, Karl Verfondern (Research Center Julich)

Futures for Hydrogen Produced Using Nuclear Energy, Charles W. Forsberg (ORNL)
Parallel Session

Innovative Reactor Concept 1 (System Concept)
Development of Medium and Small Sized Reactors: DMS, K. Tominaga (Hitachi)

Development of the Package Reactor (1), K. Hibi (MHI)
Development of the Package Reactor (2)-Core Characteristics-, T. Hino (Hitachi)

Core Performance of New Concept Passive-Safety Reactor "KAMADO" -Safety, Burn-up and Uranium Resources Problem-, T. Matsumura (CRIEPI)

Application of CANDLE Burnup Strategy for the Future Nuclear Energy Utilization, H. Sekimoto (Tokyo Tech)

The Feasibility Study on Perfect Burning Reactor System (PBRS), N. Nakae (JNC)

Cascade subcritical molten salt reactor (CSMSR), A. M. Kalugin (Kurchatov)
Parallel Session

Innovative Energy Transmutation
R&D on Nuclear Hydrogen Production Using HTGR at JAERI, K. Onuki (JAERI)

Carbon Dioxide Zero-Emission Hydrogen System based on Nuclear Power, Y. Kato (Tokyo Tech)

Cost Evaluation for Centralized Hydrogen Production, H. Karasawa (Hitachi)

Synergistic Hydrogen Production by Nuclear-Heated Steam Reforming of Fossil Fuels, M. Hori (Nuclear System Association)

Particular Safety Aspects of the Combined HTTR/Steam Reforming Complex for Nuclear Hydrogen Production, K. Verfondern (Research Center Jülich)

Sustainable Futures Using Nuclear Energy, R. B. Duffey (AECL)

Nuclear Co-generation Desalination Complex with VK-300 Boiling-type Reactor, B.A. Gabaraev, Yu. N. Kuznetzov, A. A. Romenkov, Yu. A. Mishanina (RDIPE)

Hydrogen Production from Supercritical Water - Mechanism of Catalytic Reactions of Biomass by Ruthenium(IV) Oxide -, Y. Izumizaki, (Shinshu U.)
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Tuesday, Nov 2nd  
Parallel Session
Innovative Reactor Concept 2 (Pb and Pb-Bi Cooled Reactors)
The Closed On-Site Fuel Cycle of the Brest Reactors, A. G. Glazov (FSUE RDIPE)

Pb-Bi Cooled Direct Contact Boiling Water Small Reactor, M. Takahashi (Tokyo Tech)
Parallel Session

Innovative Partitioning and Separation 1 (Application of micro /nano technologies)
Micro Chemical Processes on Chip, T. Kitamori (U. of Tokyo)

Continuous Flow Chemical Processing on a Microchip Using Microunit Operations and a Microphase Flow Network, M. Tokeshi (Kanagawa Academy of Sci. and Technol.)

Physicochemical Study on Fluids Confined in Nanochannels, T. Tsukahara (U. of Tokyo)
Parallel Session

Innovative Reactor Concept 2 (Pb and Pb-Bi Cooled Reactors)
Power Flatenning Options for the ENHS Core, S. Hong (UCB)

Design Study of Pb-Bi- and NaK-Cooled Small Deep Sea Fast Reactor, A. Otsubo (Tokyo Tech)

The Prospect of MOX Fuel Based Pb-Bi cooled Small Fast reactors, Zaki Su'ud (Bandung Institute of Technol.)
Parallel Session

Innovative Partitioning and Separation 1 (Application of micro /nano technologies)
Development of the Innovative Nuclide Separation System for High-level Radioactive Waste Using Microchip - Extraction behavior of Metal Ions from Aqueous Phase to Organic Phase in Microchannel -, H. Hotokezaka (Tokyo Tech)

An Extreme Disposition Method for Low-level Radioactive Wastes Using Supercrtical Water(3), H. Tomiyasu (Shinshu Univ.)

A Novel Chlomatographic Separation Technique Using Tertiary Pyridine resin for the Partitioning of Trivalent Actinides form Lanthanides, A. Ikeda (Tokyo Tech)

Separation of Rare Metal Fission Products in Radioactive Wastes in New Directions of their Utilization, M. Ozawa (JNC)
Parallel Session

Innovative Reactor Concept 3 (Liquid Metal Cooled Reactors)
Sodium Cooled Small Fast Long-Life Reactor "4S", N. Ueda (CRIEPI)

Core Concept of Compound Process Fuel Cycle, T. Ikegami (JNC)

System Analysis of Pb-Bi Cooled Fast Reactor PEACER, K. Y. Suh (SNU)

A 3D Virtual Realization of a Nuclear Transmutation Reactor-Peacer, H. W. Lee (SNU)
Parallel Session

Innovative Partitioning and Separation 2
21st Century Approaches to Actinide Partitioning, K. L. Nash (WSU)

Recent Research and Development on Innovative Separation Technology Conducted by Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI), Z. Yoshida (IAERI)

Research and Development for Innovative Partitioning System in COE, Y. Ikeda (Tokyo Tech)
Parallel Session

Innovative Reactor Concept 3 (Transmutation 1)
Current Status of the Feasibility Study on Commercialized Fast Reactor Cycle Systems and Reactor Core Performance on the Promising Fast Reactors, S. Kotake (JNC)

Research Activities for Accelerator-driven Transmutation System at JAERI, T. Sasa (JAERI)

Multi-Component Self-Consistent Nuclear Energy System -For Peace and Sustainable Prosperity-, M. Saito (Tokyo Tech)

Challenge of Transmutation of Long-lived Nuclides, V. Artisyuk (Obninsk State Technical U. for
Nuclear Power Engineering)
Parallel Session

Innovative Partitioning and Separation 2
FLUOREX reprocessing system for the thermal reactors cycle and future thermal/fast reactors (coexistence) cycle , A. Sasahira (Hitachi Ltd.)

Studies of Laser Induced Cesium and Rubidium Hydride Formation in Vapor Cells and their Application for Isotope Separation, V. Chaltykyan (Institute for Physical Research, National Academy of Sciences)

Seperation of Actinides from HLW by Thiacalix[4]arene Compound Impregnated Silica Ion-exchanger, T. Kikuchi (Institute of Research and Innovation)

Development of a Simple Reprocessing Process Using Selective Precipitant for Uranyl Ions (- Fundamental studeis for evaluating the precipitant performance -), N. Koshino (Tokyo Tech)

Development of a Simple Reprocessing Process Using Selective Precipitant for Uranyl Ions (- Engineering studies on systems for precipitating and seperating -), K. Yamazaki ( Mitsubishi Materials Co.)

(invited) A Perspective on Fast Reactor Fuel Cycle in India, B. Raj (Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research)
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Wednesday, Nov 3rd  
Parallel Session
Innovative Reactor Concept 4 (Gas Cooled Reactors)
Reactor Technology Development under the HTTR project, T. Takizuka (Tokyo Tech)

The High Temperature Reactor Development in China, Xu Yuanhui (Tsinghua U.)
Parallel Session

Heat Transfer/Materials (Pb-Bi)
Study on Pb-Bi Natural Circulation Phenomena, H. Sofue (Tokyo Tech)

Study on Pb-Bi-Water Direct Contact Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer, Novitrian (Tokyo Tech)

Candidate Materials and Coolant Technology for Lead-Alloy Cooled Nuclear Systems-Metallic Alloys, Ceramics and Composites, N. Li (LANL)

Corrosion Studies in Support of Lead-Bismuth Cooled FBRs, E. P. Loewen (INEEL)
Parallel Session

Innovative Reactor Concept 4 (Gas Cooled Reactors)
(invited) Gas Cooled Fast Reactor for Generation IV Service, P. Hejzlar (MIT)

Super Critical Carbon Dioxide Gas Turbine FBRs, Yasuyoshi Kato (Tokyo Tech)

Simulation Study on CANDLE Burnup Applied to Block-type High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor, Y. Ohoka (Tokyo Tech)
Parallel Session

Heat Transfer/Materials (Po/Pb-Bi/GCR)
Polonium Measure in Lead-Bismuth Eutectic Coolant, T. Obara (Tokyo Tech)

Investigation of Polonium Removal Systems for Lead-Bismuth Cooled FBRs, E. P. Loewen (INEEL)

Experimental Studies on Steel Corrosion in Pb-Bi with Steam Injection, K. Hata (NDC)

Water and Hydrogen in Heavy Liquid Metal Coolant Technology, A. V. Gulevich (IPPE)

Thermal-Hydraulic Performance of Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger in Supercritical CO2 Cycle, K. Nikitin (Tokyo Tech)
Parallel Session

Studentsí Session / Panel Discussion
M. S. Kazimi (MIT)
N. Li (LANL)
G. Kashino (Nagasaki U.)
H. Murakawa (COE-Dr.RA, Tokyo Tech)
H. Sagara (COE-Dr.RA, Tokyo Tech)
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Thursday, Nov 4th  
Parallel Session
Innovative Reactor Concept 5 (Transmutation 2)
Study on Spallation Yields Predictions in a ADS Target System, H. Kobayashi (Tokyo Tech)

Nuclear Waste Burner for Minor Actinides Elimination, A. V. Gulevich (IPPE)

Project SPHINX-SPent Hot fuel Incinerator by Neutron fluX, M. Hron, Nuclear Research Institute Rez plc (Czech)

Fusion-Driven Transmutation for Selected Long-Lived Fission Products, A. Takibayev (Tokyo Tech)
Parallel Session

Denaturation of Plutonium by Transmutation of Minor Actinides, H. Sagara (Tokyo Tech)

An Analysis of Nuclear Proliferation Resistance: Country Specifics, J. Kang (SNU)

Proliferation Resistance - Issues from Technological and Institutional Viewpoints -, T. Sawada (Tokyo Tech)

Radiation Protection Potential of MOX-Fuel Doped with 231Pa and Cs-radioisotopes, E. Kryuchkov (MEPhI)
Plenary Session 2/Closing Session

(invited)Toward to the 21st century nuclear-science technology, H. Takahashi (BNL)
(invited) The Advanced High-Temperature Reactor High-Temperature Fuel, Molten Salt Coolant and Liquid-Metal Plant, C.W. Forsberg (ORNL)

(invited)Renewed Interest in Lead Cooled Fast Reactors, E. P. Loewen (INEEL)
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