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We are in charge of research on "material transmutation on the nuclear level", e.g. nucleosynthesis, nuclear-fuel production and long-lived-radioisotope incineration with nuclear reaction and decay, and are performing the research experimentally and theoretically. The experimental research is being performed with big facilities called "Mass Transmutation Facilities with High-Quality Particle Beams". We are always aggressive, and are performing internal and international collaborations.
Main research themes are as follows.

1. Study on Transmutation of Transuranic Elements and Fission Products with Neutrons
We are challenging the measurement of neutron capture and fission cross sections of transuranic elements and fission products. We intend to adopt the measured cross sections in the study on "Concept of System for Utilization, Management and Disposal of Long-Lived Radioisotopes".

2. Study on Nucleosynthesis in the Primordial Universe
We are performing the precise measurement of neutron capture cross sections of light nuclei with mass numbers less than 30 in the neutron energy region from 20 to 200 keV, corresponding to the temperature of the universe in the period from 100 to 1,000 seconds after the Big Bang, and evaluating the amounts of the light nuclei synthesized in the primordial universe using the measured cross sections. This study will contribute to the verification of the inhomogeneous big bang model which has been well developed recently.

3. Study on Concept of System for Utilization, Management and Disposal of Long-Lived Radioisotopes
We will comprehensively analyze the characteristics of long-lived radioisotopes in transuranic elements and fission products, and will scientifically elucidate the ways to control, utilize, manage and dispose of the radioisotopes. Finally, we will show an image of a system for utilization, management and disposal of the long-lived radioisotopes.

4. Capture Gamma-Ray Spectra from Broad Neutron Resonances
We are measuring capture gamma rays from broad neutron resonances to derive partial radiative widths corresponding to transitions from resonance states to low-lying states of residual nuclei. We are also calculating partial radiative widths with a variety of nuclear reaction models. From comparisons between the calculated and measured results, we will elucidate the capture reaction mechanism of broad neutron resonances.

We use workstations for the acquisition and processing of experimental data, so welcome students who are enthusiastic about computer. If you are interested in our researches, please contact us immediately. The detailed description of our laboratory is given in our home page ( http://www.nr.titech.ac.jp/~iga/ ).

material transmutation, neutron physics, nuclear reaction, accelerator experiments, nucleosynthesis, nuclear incineration, nuclear-fuel production, radioisotope utilization systems, big bang, neutron capture gamma rays